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Doing Competitive Business with Brochure Printing and Branding Published: 03.07.2010 | Author: kayemarks | Category: Advertising
Are you into brochure printing? Do you find it difficult to market your products using your print brochures? Well then Ryan Getzlaf Jersey , it is about time to invest on something that would make your business more competitive.

But do not worry because this will not cost you that much. All you need is a creative imaginative that can come up with innovative ideas. Admit it, many companies out there also offer the same benefits and claim the same features as your products or services. It is therefore a big challenge for you to arrive not only at a good but also unique quality that would make your products or services standout from the competitive market.

To print marketing tools that are of great quality is a good strategy. However, you can still add more to it. You can make use of brand marketing to set you apart from the competition and make you stand out from the rest of the group.

Even though companies offer the same features and benefits, your product or service can still be noticeable because one way or another there are other areas that could make you different. This is where the magic of brand marketing comes in. Brochure printing is a valuable technique to promote your business. Nevertheless Corey Perry Jersey , coupled with brand marketing, it becomes more profitable and beneficial to your business.

Branding allows you to hold on to a distinct characteristic. Again, let me reiterate that at one point or another, all the companies will possess something unique and different. This is all about finding your niche. This comparative advantage should be flaunted when you print brochures.

For example Andrew Cogliano Jersey , your company might be using products that are from abroad. On the other hand, other groups may make use of local products. So in this case, you can brand yourself that you are using imported items that are of high quality. Another example is your type of delivery. When your company resort to all forms of delivery such as house-to-house, and even overseas shipping Cam Fowler Jersey , compared to the competitor who has only limited access to other areas, then you can already work on that big advantage. You can brand yourself as the most accessible and efficient delivery company. By doing so, you can easily make your product noticeable and well remembered by your readers and the consumers in general. Brochure printing will then be able to let your readers know about this particular benefit by ensuring that you send them good quality promotional materials.

These are just some of the areas you can work on to make your business more competitive today. If you can apply brochure printing with brand marketing to your strategy, you will never be wanting of customers every time.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print brochures or brochure printing industry that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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The Fredo effect: What do you do if a family member is a bad apple? by Franz Kellermanns

The “Fredo effect” is a concept based on the character of Fredo in the classic movie, The Godfather. Always worth watching, consider the film’s context of a family firm facing succession and its problems. At first, Fredo Corleone seems to be the loyal (yet rather incapable) middle son of this Mafia family. Accordingly, he is assigned lesser tasks and his younger brother, Michael, is favored for succession when the oldest son, Sonny, is killed. Fredo eventually engages in drinking and womanizing and ultimately becomes a traitor to the family, resulting in his untimely death.

Although this example is extreme in outcome, in actuality, how pervasive is this problem among family firms? One of my research studies indicates that at least 30% of all family firms face this challenge. This number, however, likely underreports the issue. Of the family firm leaders who completed my survey, some were likely not fully honest with themselves and downplayed the problem in their minds.

One can argue that a family firm can and should have many non-economic goals—and having a less qualified family member working for the firm may be one of them. I agree with the former: If I cannot have non-economic goals, why have a family firm? However, I disagree with the latter because a less qualified family member can cause significant problems. They are easily resented, as they often cause additional work and cannot be fully supervised by non-family employees. Due to exaggerated self-assessment, they also often make riskier and faulty decisions, damaging the well-being of the firm and needing constant monitoring. In many family firms, this control function is often carried out through the parent-child relationship, as the leadership of the parental generation keeps the excessive and destructive tendencies of the “Fredo” in check. However, this parent-offspring dynamic creates its own set of challenges because the Fredo tends to wreak havoc after the retirement or death of the firm’s patriarch/matriarch when ownership is transferred and the Fredo wants to demonstrate their skills or gain full control of the business. This self-assertion will inevitably lead to the negative consequences associated with sub-par leadership.

What to do?

Over dinner, a CEO of a publicly traded family firm said to me, “My sister called and told me that I need to employ her son, my nephew. He has interviewed everywhere and nobody wants to hire him.” The CEO’s reply was unusual, but exemplary: “If nobody wants him, why should I hire him?” In fact, he went a step further and, during his tenure as CEO, changed the bylaws governing the family and the firm. He made it mandatory that any family member seeking employment at the firm must be qualified and able to get the same job outside the firm; this particularly applied to CEO. This change led to the first non-family CEO in the firm’s 100-
plus-year history. Further, as a result of this mandate, neither this CEO’s son nor his nephew worked at the company. Thus, the most obvious advice is to hire a family member only if the minimum standards for relatives are met (which are, ideally, the same requirements as those that non-family members must meet).

Nobody is completely realistic in their assessment of their offspring. Indeed, I know that my four-year-old son often plays me like a fiddle. However, he is not allowed to watch unlimited television or eat unlimited candy. Similar to early childhood parenting, difficult and often tantrum-generating commonsense approaches in the best interests of the firm should prevail. In addition, family members should be controlled and assessed; they should be held accountable for their actions within and outside the firm, as their behavior reflects on the business. Firm- and family-related goals should be established and clearly communicated to family members to avoid and minimize the occurrence of role conflict. Last, family meetings (e.g., via a family council) where problems are discussed should become routine.

Dangerous times

Particularly at the time of succession, it is important to evaluate all options. This can possibly mean skipping a generation in the firm’s leadership succession and giving the position of CEO
—at least temporarily—to a non-family member until the third generation (i.e., grandchildren) is ready to take over. Thus, it is important to evaluate all potential family members as successors. Some may still believe that the firstborn son should take over the firm, but such a

line of succession is not always in the best interest of the family, the firm, or the desire to build a viable and enduring dynasty. Daughters or granddaughters are often equal or better choices and should be considered in the succession process.

Even if not involved in the daily activity of the firm, Fredos pose a danger if they have (substantial) ownership. While the damage they can do varies based on national or state laws, the best remedy (other than not providing the Fredo with ownership) is good governance. The importance of this practice and carefully conceived bylaws cannot be stressed enough. It is important for bylaws to reflect future complexities and not the current state of ownership. After the transfer of ownership, it becomes less likely that changes will be voluntarily adopted that constrain the individual parties. Accordingly, good governance must be instituted and changes anticipated before ownership is transferred to multiple family members to ensure that the firm can be successfully run for the benefit of all.

Sadly, even despite good efforts to prevent the development succession of a Fredo, it happens to the best families. If family members engage in inappropriate behavior, do not let it linger; address it quickly and aggressively. The Fredo must understand that their behavior has consequences and may cause negative outcomes. All options should be on the table, including terminating the family member’s employment or buying them out. It is often better to have a terrible end than unending terror.


Dealing with a Fredo is neither an easy nor desirable task. Left unchecked, the downside potential of such an individual’s management of a family firm is tremendous. It is important, however, not to confuse and equate love for a family member with turning a blind eye toward bad behavior, as doing so has negative consequences for the entire family and the future of the family business.

Discussion Questions for the Members of the Lorange Network Community:

1. Do you have experience with Fredos in your family firm?
2. How have you handled a potential Fredo?
3. What is your advice for other members of the network whom may face the Fredo problem?
4. Can outsiders or a family advisor help?
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