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It is one of seven Aging at home programs in Kingston and support to 40 seniors. The seven programs in the Kingston area serve above 700 seniors and across the Southeast LHIN there are 11 programs that fulfill over 2400 seniors. Just by its third year Cheap Men's Adidas NMD Racer Shoes Core Black White , the Aging in your house strategy had funded above 600 projects.

Some sort of February 1, 2011 News Release stated that this McGuinty Government’s Aging at home Strategy has helped reduce ER wait times. Seniors in the Kingston area have improved access to health care and better quality of life due to the innovative programs which were now bringing support on their homes. This OASIS program in Kingston provides three on-site personal help workers that help the residents of 237 Bath Road to live independently in their own apartments. One of many workers assists residents with entry to health care services along with the two additional workers are on site every night of the week with incidents where someone requires a hand.
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