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NEW YORK nike air max 95 mens nz , July 26 (Xinhua) -- There may be substantial amounts of trapped water in the interior of the moon, Brown University researchers said Tuesday.

By analyzing satellite data, researchers at Brown University in the United States discovered rich amounts of indigenous water within the volcanic deposits, or within layers of rocks spread across the lunar surface after ancient volcanos erupted on the moon.

This suggests that water may be rich in the moon's mantle, the layer between the crust and the core, according to the study published in the journal Nature Geoscience on Tuesday.

The study's lead author nike air max 95 womens nz , Ralph Milliken, told CNN that past findings of water on the moon didn't appear to come from indigenous sources.

The moon is believed to have been formed from debris of an object that hit the Earth early in the solar system's history, but the essential hydrogen to form water could hardly survive the heat in the formation of the moon.

Li Shuai, who co-authored the story, said in a press release that their finding suggested that "water did somehow survive, or that it was brought in shortly after the impact by asteroids or comets before the moon had completely solidified."

"The exact origin of water in the lunar interior is still a big question nike air max 95 nz ," Li said in the press release published on Brown's website.

The finding also sheds light on future lunar exploration, as water could potentially be extracted from the volcanic deposits.

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Telephones are still widely used nike air max thea nz , despite the vast majority of the American people now owing mobile phones. A survey report revealed that 63% of adults use their landline phones at least once a week and 86% of elderly people use their landline phones on a weekly basis. In the age of wireless technology, landline phones are still in huge demand due to their higher reliability and communication security. A landline phone offers the highest quality of voice transmissions anywhere, anytime in the comfort of the home and office. In today’s fast paced world, many organizations are still using landline phones for performing their business operations and other important business-related tasks. Relying solely on a mobile phone demands diligence in keeping it charged and watching your minutes. A landline phone can work in power outages if you have a telephone that doesn’t need AC power. Conversations between landline telephones are safer than conversations that involve a cellular phone. In simple terms, conversations that involve cellular phones are technically much easier to tap than landline phone conversations.

Why landline phones are important

1. A home phone can be directly connected to a home security alarm system.
2. If you place a 911 call from your landline phone, emergency dispatchers will receive your location and can dispatch the emergency service team.
3. Landline phones provide superior sound quality.
4. For kids or parents who are alone at home nike air max 90 mens nz , landline phones provide a great comfort.

Searching around for a local home phone service provider might be a difficult task. The problem that most people face with the local providers is that they charge a number of hidden costs. You need a service provider who can provide home phone service at a nominal cost. Once you decide on a home phone service provider, check all the costs involved before activating service.
Understanding the importance of home phone, the government has been providing financial assistance to low income households and, as a result, the costs of home phone service has come down considerably. If you are currently receiving some form of government assistance like Food Stamps or Medicaid, or your household income is at or below the Federal poverty level nike air max 90 womens nz , and you live in Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada nike air max 96 nz , Rhode Island, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia nike air max 360 nz , Arkansas, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, or most areas of the USA, you are eligible to receive a home phone service at a discounted rate. Some providers have promotions that will give you free home phone service for the first month

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Astronomy is the oldest science; however nike air max plus nz , it was not until the creation of the telescope that it was recognised as a modern science. Many people that use the telescope are mainly interested in evolution, meteorology, chemistry, physics, the motion of celestial objects and the formation and the development of the universe. When studying this natural science it is vital to witness the best quality image.

It is believed the Italian scientist Galileo invented the telescope, while this is true his invention in 1609 would not have developed if it was not for a discovery made by Zacharias Janssen and his son Hans nike air max 98 nz , as they discovered when experimenting with several lenses in a tube that nearby objects appeared enlarged. This ultimately started the development of the microscope and the telescope.

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