So while I commend Ubisoft on their speedy

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So while I commend Ubisoft on their speedy

Messagepar rsgoldfastcom » 16 Oct 2018, 04:48

On the one hand, having no copies is a great idea and makes such loot boxes better than many. However, Ubisoft is actually screwing the pooch by not permitting players to earn packs via play. That's a big no-no for both top and free-to-play games. Frustration is abundant in the match's subreddit, and also R6 Credits the answer to Ubisoft's latest change of course is full of gamers mad by pay-only loot packs.

So while I commend Ubisoft on their speedy reply and clear communication--something a certain Destiny 2 programmer could find out from--I can not suggest any Rainbow Six: Siege player spends a dime on these packs. It is not a fair system and the community should not encourage it with their hard-earned cash.

Everyone Hates Ubisoft's New'Ghost Recon: Wildlands' And'Rainbow Six Siege' Loot Boxes

Since 2017 winded down, I recall thinking that Ubisoft had a reading more fairly solid year, even though it was Nintendo stealing all the headlines. They had a surprise sleeper hit with Ghost Recon: Wildlands, a somewhat generic but extremely popular open world shot, while The Section was the fastest-selling brand new IP ever and experienced a renaissance in two. And they continued to defy the odds with Rainbow Six Siege, arguably the very best tactical shooter on the market, as a result of endless support from Ubisoft and its dev team.

But of note was what Ubisoft was overlooking. Significantly, the sorts of microtransaction-based controversies that constantly plagued its fellow developers, Activision and EA.
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